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9 signs you are ignoring your intuition:

1. Persistent headache - when you rely on your logical mind ONLY... tension can build


2. You argue with yourself - you get into fights with yourself... Battling your intuition versus your logical mind


3. You feel anxious or depressed because you are ignoring your soul’s whispers and guidance, which can lead to regret


4. Trouble making decisions - because you are NOT trusting your intuitive voice


5. You pretend everything is perfect - intuition is not fluid or perfect.  By releasing the need to be perfect, you release the need to control


6. You seek approval from others - this comes from not trusting your own inner oracle


7. You regret past decisions - as you start to tally up all the times you ignored your intuition, you realize mistakes could have been avoided


8. Trouble sleeping - because you are not in full alignment with yourself


9.¬†You experience doubt from your decisions ‚Äď because you often can feel you are going against your intuitive voice

During our 2 days together you will learn...


* How to activate your intuition, so that you know when your soul is speaking directly to you.


* How to recognize your inner voice, so that you will know when to pay attention


* Learn the difference between fear and intuition, so that you will learn to act on and follow your inner voice to create positive outcomes in your life


* Connect to Spirit guides and angels to support you through your intuitive voice


* Learn to quiet your logical mind, so that you can hear beyond what your thoughts are telling you


* Release any inner resistance to letting go of the control of the mind, so that you can drop into your inner compass


* Learn to drop into a theta state, to access your intuition more readily

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